January 12, 2022

We are very excited to announce that ZoeCare and St. Catherine Family Health Care Clinic & Pregnancy Resource Center are merging! Our two organizations have long supported each other and worked together to preserve human life in the Gallatin Valley. But we realized that we could be even more effective if we officially joined forces. We are very excited at what this means for both organizations.

It means we will have a broader pro-life reach. With two locations in the valley, we can optimize ZoeCare’s strengths at reaching those in crisis and St. Catherine’s strengths of wrap-around care. The merger will provide a continuity of care with one organization providing everything pregnancy patients need in two locations. The combined organization will provide a great opportunity to launch unified pro-life initiatives throughout the Belgrade and Bozeman areas.

It means we will have a combined offering of services that will create a one-stop clinic for those struggling with unexpected pregnancies. ZoeCare provides acute care for those in crisis, including many supplemental programs such as one-on-one mentoring services, diapers, meals, and education. St. Catherine provides ongoing pre-natal services and health care. The merger will make moving between each of these services seamless and effective.

It means we will be stronger together. By combining our resources, we will be stronger financially, all our staff will receive additional support, and the breadth of knowledge and skills will make us more resilient and ready to serve those in our community. With a unified purpose and outreach, we will be more effective in impacting our valley for life.

So, how will this merger look?

The governing board of directors of both organizations will merge so that we maintain unity throughout this process and beyond. The two boards are currently working together to finalize the legal steps necessary for the merger, with our hope is that everything will be in place by the end of spring. The staff from both organizations will also combine. St. Catherine will take ZoeCare’s name, so you can expect to see a ZoeCare in Bozeman and now in Belgrade. During the process, we will shuffle some office space, move programs from one location to the other, and duplicate some other programs at both locations. Both organizations will continue to receive donations directly for now. Thank you for your continued faithfulness to St. Catherine and ZoeCare!

The St. Catherine banquet will go on as planned on February 17, 2022. Pam Tebow will be our keynote speaker. This banquet will be the 2022 annual banquet for both organizations at which we will talk more about the exciting opportunities that this merger will mean for pre-born lives and for families in the Gallatin Valley. You won’t want to miss this night! Save this date and look for an official invitation in the mail soon. ZoeCare will NOT be having another banquet in the fall. In 2023, we will begin hosting a unified banquet in the spring.

We hope that you will get excited with us as God leads our two organizations into the future as one. We are confident our impact in southwestern Montana will be greater than what either one of our organizations can do alone. Please pray for a smooth transition and the Holy Spirit’s guidance as we navigate these uncharted waters. Great things are ahead!

In Christ's service,

Neal Ganser
ZoeCare President

Joe Dahinden
St. Catherine President